Exclusive: Badagoni enters the tourism industry
News ArchiveDecember 24, 2018

Commersant has exclusively learnt that Badagoni starts to conquer  the tourism industry. For this purpose,  the company is set to carry out a number of large-scale projects, including to operate Rustaveli Boutique Hotel, a wine shop and a restaurant.

Rustaveli Boutique Hotel based on the Knight in the Panther's Skin epic poem is managed by the Georgia-Israeli Chamber of Commerce and focuses mainly on foreign tourists.

Commersant got in touch  with the parties to find out the details of why Badagoni had decided to take over the management of the hotel.

As they say in the  company, the interest arose after the company decided to enter the tourism industry. The hotel’s interior has not changed, but the restaurant and wine shop have been fully reconstructed. The official presentation of the Rustaveli Boutique Hotel  will be held on December 28 at 6pm.

Asked why the Georgia-Israeli Chamber of Commerce went out of the business, President of the Chamber Itsik Moshe said:

"The hotel is one of the Israeli, high-level  group private investment. The group is a member of the Georgia-Israel  Chamber Group and its representatives keeps  investing in hotels worth more than 50 million.

Since the restaurant is a separate business, we conducted research to reveal which business will be more profitable. Owners abandoned all ideas that were unprofitable for the business. The study showed that the restaurant based on  Georgian motives will work more successfully. Badagoni was one of the candidates. There were also foreign companies that saw only business in the project and such  approach was unacceptable for owners. For this reason,  choice was made on the Georgian company -",  Itsik Moshe explains.

In Itsik Moshe’s words,  the details of the agreement signed between the  sides will be announced at a special presentation on October 28.

"I would like to note that it is a 5- year contract. The facility  is not just a business, but it also carries some cultural values. Otherwise, no one would have invested $ 5 million in a 15 –room hotel. That's why it's not sold ," Itsik Moshe says.



Rustaveli Boutique Hotel  based on the Knight in the Panther's Skin epic poem is located on Freedom Square. The design idea is based on the Knight in the Panther's Skin quotes from the  poem in 3 languages ​​(English, Hebrew and English) that is   used in exterior and interior design.

It is a 4-5-star boutique hotel that   focuses  mainly on VIP tours from Israel. The investment  cost of  the project is  $ 5 million.