When times are good,
it's called Leverage.
When times are bad,
it's called Debt.

Asset Management

We approach each asset or portfolio knowing that every client has a unique set of investment goals.

We work closely with you to develop and manage tailored asset management strategies that integrate proactive property management, focused marketing and leasing, cost-efficient operations, reducing expenses and increasing tenant retention, to achieve your investment goals and objectives.

We handle a wide variety of property types – from the common to the unique – across all industries.

We recognize that each property requires unique skills and know-how.

Our main areas of specialism are in Hotels, Offices, Retail and Mixed- use Properties.

Our expertise, combined with the expertise and knowhow in our international networks specialty service groups ensures that you as a client are presented with the most desirable solutions to their real estate needs.

We apply skills derived from our and our international partner's ongoing asset management services of a diverse range of properties across all segments. This gives you access to market information and best practice

Services include:

  • Building Operations and Maintenance
  • Cash Flow Analysis, Pro-forma Analysis and Financial Modeling
  • Compliance with Sustainability Issues
  • Due Diligence
  • Employment of any on Site Staff
  • Financial Management
  • Health & Safety and Risk Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Investment Strategies
  • Lease Compliance, Analysis, Supervision and Administration
  • Procurement and Contractor Management
  • Product Marketing and Leasing
  • Property Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Property Management Supervision
    • Rent collection
    • Service Charge Budget and Expenditure Management
  • Property Operations, Maintenance and Management Supervision
  • Service Charge Consultancy
  • Technical Services - the technical section of Asset Services provide
    • Routine Repairs and Maintenance
    • Building Condition Survey
    • Project Consultancy Services.