When times are good,
it's called Leverage.
When times are bad,
it's called Debt.

Development Consultancy

We provide specialist advice on developments wherever change takes place, either in the development of greenfield sites or in the refurbishment / conversion of existing buildings.

We have experience in every kind of development; new built or conversions, including Hotels, Offices, Retail, Mixed-use and Land

We provide:

  • Advice on commercial, retail and leisure aspects of mixed-use schemes
  • Advice regarding the implementation of property developments associated with public sector infrastructure projects
  • Applicable Regulatory Standards.
  • Building Codes, national and international
  • Concept Studies
  • Coordination of multidisciplinary consultancy teams assembled in connection with development schemes
  • Feasibility advice on scheme viability
  • Feasibility studies and the provision of advice regarding the optimum market positioning, content and design of development projects, including financial analysis
  • Funding โ€“ for either developer or purchaser
  • Identification of comparable schemes and values
  • Investment Sales โ€“ โ€˜off-plan' or bulk sales arranged where appropriate
  • Layout, mix, size and specification advice, in conjunction with project architect
  • Planning service and conceptual reports
  • Preparation of design briefs relating to development schemes
  • Preparation of responses to tender invitations on behalf of developers and advice regarding the terms and conditions associated with joint venture agreements relating to property development
  • Project Management of Development Process
  • Property Market Research and Analysis
  • Review of Project Designs from a marketing and management perspective
  • Sales and Marketing โ€“ strategy and implementation
  • Strategic Advice relating to the implementation of development projects, including advice relating to the design, construction, marketing and management of development schemes
  • The co-ordination of multi-disciplinary consultancy teams assembled in connection with development schemes
  • Topographical Studies
  • Use of local knowledge to identify buyer profiles and target markets
  • Valuation/appraisal for bank, funding or third party purposes
  • Zoning Restrictions