When times are good,
it's called Leverage.
When times are bad,
it's called Debt.

Landlord and Tenant Representation

When you choose us as your representative you will be confident that we have your best interests as our primary goal and you will:

  • Save money and time.
  • Feel confident in your decisions
Only when we fully understand your requirements we will formulate a property strategy to ensure that your objectives and goals are exceeded.

Landlord Representation:
for landlords we develop strategies to ease the leasing up process, optimize the lease income, maintain property conditions and enhance the asset value

Together with you we define and position the product in the marketplace, identify potential customers, create and use the tailored marketing tools and manage full cycle of leasing process.

Backed by our experience and knowledge of local market and by our international contacts we can efficiently meet your requirements.

Our Landlord Representation services include:

  • Product Definition and Positioning
  • Outlining Marketing Strategies and Tools
  • Selection and Targeting the Qualified Customers
  • Construction and Maintenance Supervision
  • Lease Negotiations and Renewals
  • Contract Drafting
  • Post-Leasing Services
    • Lease and Operating Cost Reviews
    • Lease Administration and Asset Management
    • Facility Management 
Tenant Representation:
Whether you are starting the business, relocating a single office or seeking a consistent strategy to acquire space and accommodate expansion you would need tenant representation service.

We serve as your strategic advisor, lowering your real estate costs and occupancy risks while maximizing workplace flexibility and productivity.

Though our prime market is the Caucasus our internationally integrated resources help tenants meet their objectives in the world's major markets and locations.

We analyze each tenant's business objectives and match them with the optimal real estate solution.

Tenants Representation services include:

  • Definition of the Search Criteria
  • Search and Pre-Selection of Proposals
  • Presentation and Analysis of selected proposals, including Lease vs. Buy Analysis 
  • Lease Negotiations and Renewals
  • Contract Drafting
  • Construction and Maintenance Supervision
  • Post-Leasing services
    • Lease and Operating Cost Reviews
    • Lease Administration

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