When times are good,
it's called Leverage.
When times are bad,
it's called Debt.

Facility Management

The main objective of our facilities management specialists is to ensure the proper maintenance of all the elements of your facility, from its premises to utilities and other services. Efficient operation is impossible without clear planning methods and streamlined interaction at the facility.

We offer:

  • Implant / In house and or mobile services
  • Maintenance Engineering and Technical Maintenance of the building
  • Assistance in construction and design
  • Utility and HVAC maintenance
  • Remote monitoring and control of utilities and other engineering systems
  • Technical audits
  • Technical condition of the building in the short and long term prospective
  • Engineering systems condition and exploitation
  • Potential threats and problems
  • Service agreements, subcontractors
  • Analysis of the technical state of equipment and utilities
  • Analysis of operating costs
  • Preparation of an alternative budget that can cuts costs up to 10-15%