Ekvtime Takaishvili House-Museum and Hotel in One – Find Out Which Hotel Managed to Ideally Combine Antiquity and Modernity
News ArchiveDecember 26, 2018

You have probably never – or at least rarely – seen a cultural heritage, a historical monument, a museum and also a hotel all in the same premises. This is exactly what makes hotel Emigrant different from a huge number of hotels in town.

Emigrant opened only recently, in September, but has already found its place in the hearts and minds of the guests.

The hotel is located in Tbilisi, in a modernist building of the beginning of the 20th century. The building is a cultural heritage of the city and underwent restoration, however didn’t lose its old spirit. Restoration works were conducted by architect Vazha Orbeladze, who returned the building to its initial appearance. Façade and interior decoration were designed by artist Gia Bugadze, who kept the antique appearance as much as possible, at the same time painting the walls in what now are hotel rooms.

The hotel’s main door is in UNESCO list of 100 best doors in modernist style, which gives even more value to the building.

You will very rarely see a place in the city decorated with such simplicity and taste, where antiquity harmoniously combines with modernity to be noticed and remembered by guests.

It must be mentioned that there is a memorial room-museum of a great Georgian public figure Ekvtime Takaishvili in the hotel building that tells the hundred-year-old story to its guests and takes them on a journey to the past century.

Alongside many other values, the hotel’s location also stands out. You can find it in a strategic tourist place near metro Rustaveli surrounded by cafés, restaurants, hotels, shops, and many other important facilities.

Accommodation in this hotel is very comfortable and convenient for tourists, as they can walk around the city, see all important places in the heart of Tbilisi, and feel the grandeur of Tbilisi in all its value!

A boutique-style hotel has 3 floors with a total of 10 rooms. Since September Emigrant takes care of the comfortable vacation of its guests and convinces visitors that a harmonious synthesis of modernity and history creates an ideal environment.

Source: travelingeorgia