Radisson - Tsinandali Estate Georgia among finalists at leading real estate award ceremony in Paris
News ArchiveSeptember 16, 2020
Radisson Collection Hotel, Tsinandali Estate Georgia in the wine-making region of Kakheti, is among the finalists of the annual MIPIM Awards, which honours the most outstanding and accomplished real estate projects, completed or yet to be built, around the world.

In total four hotels are waiting to find out if they are to be crowned the winner of the best hotel and tourism category at the annual MIPIM Awards Ceremony that will be held tonight in Paris.

In addition to Radisson Collection Hotel, Tsinandali Estate Georgia the list of finalists also include Jo&Joe Paris Gentilly - Street Art Inside hotel in Paris, Red Cross Care Hotel in the Zuienkerke municipality of Belgium and TWA Hotel New York, USA.

This award honours the most unique hotel in terms of architecture, facilities, and location, while also considering guests well-being, services provided and use of technology.

Source agenda.ge